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With decades of experience, our experts are redefining bitumen solutions

Our technical prowess and dedication to complete customer satisfaction have earned us a reputation as one of the industry's leading premium-quality bitumen manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. We are known for providing unwavering quality bitumen products at the most affordable prices in the UAE. Our dedication to our clients has helped us become one of the most trusted bitumen and Asphalt suppliers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Understanding international laws and policies governing the export and production of bitumen and Asphalt allows us to safely undertake operations abroad.

Today’s Bitumen Price

The bitumen prices are subject to change due to fluctuations in ocean freight and commodities in the market.

Port Price Range Last Updated Date
Zhanjiang, China 388.00 - 396.00 14 Jul, 2024
Nhava Sheva, India 377.00 - 387.00 14 Jul, 2024
Mombasa, Kenya 403.00 - 407.00 14 Jul, 2024
Karachi, Pakistan 395.00 - 399.00 14 Jul, 2024
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 402.00 - 408.00 14 Jul, 2024
Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates 362.00 - 368.00 14 Jul, 2024

Our Range of Bitumen Products

Top Quality Bitumen Supplier in Middle East Countries

Top Quality Bitumen Supplier in Middle East Countries

Gulf Bitumen is capable of supplying bitumen based on the choice and the requirement of the client.

Gulf Bitumen has expertise in supplying almost all grades of Bitumen from three different sources in the Middle East i.e. from Iraq, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

Bitumen Suppliers UAE

Bahrain Bitumen

Bahrain with the higher price for basic bitumen grades and very limited quantity mostly supplies bulk quantities locally in bitumen tankers and in bulk vessels when it comes to exports. Only the processed grades are sold in Steel Drum Packing.

UAE Bitumen

From the United Arab Emirates, the processed and the basic grades of bitumen are available in both steel drum bitumen packing as well as loose bulk. The prices are better as compared to those of Bahrain when it comes to the basic grades but higher otherwise for the processed grades.
Iraq Bitumen When it comes to Iraq, Origin cargo, the prices of bitumen are significantly low as compared to UAE and Bahrain. However, there is a slight difference in the specifications when compared to UAE and Bahrain. The spot test results of Bahrain & UAE cargo are negative whereas it is positive when it comes to Iraq Origin. The specific gravity of Iraq Origin cargo is also high as compared to that of Bahrain and UAE.

Our Bitumen Packing & Logistics Solutions

Packing & Logistics
bitumen drum packing

Bitumen Drum Packing

Traditionally, bitumen is packaged and exported in new steel drums. Depending on the drum size, bitumen capacity can range from 150 Kg to 200 Kg.

bitumen polybag packing

Bitumen Polybag Packing

The Bitubag Packing System provides a total cold bitumen logistical and supply chain solution from A to Z. The Bitubag packaging system makes bitumen storage virtually free

bitumen bulk shipment

Bitumen Bulk Shipment

This method is the most economical way to export bitumen for large-scale projects. Because of its low transportation cost and cost-effectiveness, bulk bitumen is the most economical way to export bitumen.

bitumen tank containers

Bitumen Tank Containers

Containers for bitumen tanks are 20 ft ISO carbon steel containers with a capacity from 24.000 liters to 29.000 liters. They feature double-skinned construction and high insulation levels, as well as being equipped with highly efficient heater tubes for optimum heat transfer during heating up.

Bitumen Applications

Gulf Bitumen

With respect and confidence, we are well known for providing exceptional service quality, technical expertise, customer support, and rapid and accurate response to the customer's needs.



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