Applications of Bitumen And Their Uses

As an architect, structural engineer, or planner, bitumen has the capacity to redesign the world we live in. Roofs and other structural elements can be waterproofed with bitumen membranes because they are water-resistant and flexible. Their natural ability to adhere to a variety of substrates means that even when the structure is moving significantly, they are unlikely to tear or rip. The adhesive properties and flexibility of bitumen membranes significantly contribute to a structure's durability and longevity for an extended period of time. Bituminous membranes are used for decades and have been shown to last 25-30 years in the vast majority of applications.

In modern buildings, bitumen products are used in roofs and floors, walls, and ceilings for their structural properties as well as for their moisture barrier properties. In the movement toward carbon-neutral buildings, bituminous membranes are finding new uses as a weatherproofing material. Commercial and residential buildings can both benefit from these membranes, which can support roof gardens and eco-roofing.

For civil engineering projects, including bridges and tunnels, runways, and airport parking lots, the correct surface is crucial. In addition to each location's different daily load and use patterns, temperature variations, weather conditions, and aggressive deicing practices, the surface must be strong enough to withstand these conditions. Bitumen surfaces provide a safe, durable surface that can withstand harsh conditions. With a void content of less than 3%, concrete can be used to seal water-proof structures, basins, and containers. In addition to dams, reservoirs, landfills, and flood protection basins, asphalt can also be used to waterproof them.

Bitumen is applied in the construction and maintenance of:

  1. Agriculture:
    • Disinfectants
    • Fence post coating
    • Mulches
    • Mulching paper paved barn floors, barnyards, feed platforms
    • Protecting tanks, vats
    • Protection for concrete structures
    • Tree paints (protective)
    • Water and Moisture Barriers (above and below ground)
    • Wind and water erosion control
    • Weather modification areas
  2. Buildings & industrial paving:
    • Water & moisture barriers (above and below ground)
    • Floor compositions, tiles, coverings
    • Insulating fabrics, papers
    • Step treads
    • Cement waterproofing compounds
    • Insulating fabrics, felts, papers
    • Liquid roof coatings
    • Plastic cements
    • Bricks
    • Damp proofing coatings, compositions
    • Soundproofing
    • Air-drying paints, varnishes
  3. Hydraulics & erosion control:
    • Catchment areas, basins
    • Dam grouting
    • Dam linings, protection
    • Ditch linings
    • Embankment protection
    • Membrane linings, waterproofing
    • Reservoir linings
    • Swimming pools
    • Waste ponds
    • Water barriers
    • Backed felts
  4. Industrial:
    • Conduit insulation, lamination
    • Insulating boards
    • Paint compositions
    • Papers
    • Pipe wrapping
    • Battery boxes, carbons
    • Electrical insulating compounds, papers, tapes, wire coatings
    • Black grease
    • Printing inks
    • Friction tape
    • Mirror backing
    • Rubber moulded compositions
    • Shoe fillers, soles
  5. Paving:
    • Airport runways, taxiways, aprons
    • Asphalt blocks
    • Brick fillers
    • The bridge deck, surfacing
    • Crack fillers
    • Floors for buildings, warehouses, garages
    • Highways, roads, streets, shoulders
    • Kerbs, gutters, drainage ditches
    • Parking lots, driveways
    • Portland cement concrete under seal
    • Roof-deck parking
    • Pavements, footpaths
    • Soil stabilization
  6. Railways:
    • Ballast
    • Dust laying
    • Paved ballast, sub-ballast
    • Paved crossings, freight yards, station platforms
  7. Recreation:
    • Dance pavilions
    • Drive-in movies
    • Gymnasiums, sport arenas
    • Playgrounds, schoolyards
    • Race tracks
    • Running tracks
    • Skating rinks
    • Swimming & wading pools
    • Tennis courts, handball courts
    • Synthetic playing fields & running track surfaces

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