Bitumen polybag and jumbo bag packing refers to the use of polypropylene or polyethylene bags for packaging and storing bitumen. Bitumen is cooled down to a temperature slightly higher than the softening point and lower than the melting point of the plastic liner material of the bag into a special polyolefin bag and is let down to harden to become solid for easy handling and cold transportation in polybags or jumbo bags.

Polybag packing of bitumen has several advantages:

  • Protective packing: Poly bags act as a barrier to keep bitumen safe from outside pollutants, moisture and other elements that could impair its quality.
  • Easy to handle: Poly bags are easy to handle as it is light weight which makes storing and transit easier.
  • Bitumen can be messy and prone to spilling, but poly bags can hold in any possible leaks, reducing spills and making it simpler to manage.
  • Some poly bags are resistant to UV radiation, which is useful if the bitumen is exposed to sunlight because UV rays can hasten bitumen breakdown.
  • Labeling and branding can be added to poly bags to help people identify the kind and supplier of bitumen.
Bitumen polybag packing Figure: Polybag

It's crucial to make sure that the poly bags and jumbo bags used to package bitumen are made of high-quality materials and are built to withstand the weight and properties of bitumen. In order to avoid contamination or leaks, proper sealing is also essential. In order to guarantee that bitumen storage and transportation comply with safety and environmental standards, you may also wish to examine local laws and regulations. To know more about bitumen polybag and jumbo bag packing, contact the best bitumen suppliers in UAE.

Poly bag specification and capacity of various sizes

40 KG 300 KG 1 Ton
Filling quantity for Bitumen (net) 40 kg 300 kg 1,000 Kg
Outer bag - PP Fabric PP Fabric
Inner Liner Polyethylene Polyethylene Polyethylene
Melting peak inner bag (liner) 125°C /257°F 137°C / 279°F 137°C / 279°F
Storage under roof 6-12 Months 6-12 Months 6-12 Months
Multiuse of outer bag No No No
Loading in 20Ft Container
Number of Bags TBD 80 20
Quantity of Bitumen - Net Weight ≈ 20.00 MT ≈ 24.00 MT ≈ 20.00 MT

Applications of poly bag packing

  • The filling temperature should be ≤ 140ºC for the road bitumen.
  • The working house temperature for use should be ≥ 8ºC.
  • Both the poly and woven bags could be melted completely at 160º C – 170ºC, while the machine stirred for about 20-30 minutes,
  • If in 20 minutes, it means the inner bag could be melted completely at 160ºC – 165ºC only
  • In summer, this bag could be piled up at most for 5-6 layers. In winter, it could be piled up for 6-7 layers. Avoid piling too much to affect the quality of the bag.
  • The elongation at break is ≥ 250%.

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