Bitumen tank containers are specialized shipping containers which are designed specifically for the transportation and storage of bitumen and asphalt products. They are also known as bitumen tankers or asphalt tank containers. These containers are a very effective and convenient way to transport and store bitumen while maintaining its temperature and quality.

Facts about Bitumen Tank Containers:

  • Bitumen tank containers are suitable for both road and rail transport which makes it easy to move bitumen from production houses to construction sites or other desired destinations.
  • The containers are typically made of high-quality steel and are insulated to maintain the temperature of bitumen. It comes in various sizes with various capacities.
  • The containers are also equipped with a heating system to keep bitumen at desired temperature during transportation and storage. The heating system is made possible by various methods like electrical heating elements or steam coils.
  • When bitumen is transported, it's very important to maintain an optimum temperature. Bitumen needs to be kept in a liquid state for transportation and application. The temperature range varies based on grade and uses.
  • While bitumen is transported, the containers need to be equipped with sufficient safety features to prevent leaks and spills.
  • After each use, containers must be thoroughly cleaned to remove any residual bitumen to prevent contamination with other products.

Types of Bitumen Tank containers include

  • 20ft tanks store up to 27,000 litres
  • 40ft tanks store up to 65,000 litres
  • Ships as a standard ISO container with full intermodal transport - road, rail or sea
  • Heating systems including direct fire, thermal oil and electric or combinations
Bitumen in tank container

Our bitumen tank containers are used for the transport and storage of bitumen emulsions, PMBs and heavy fuel oils. They maximize product carrying capacity within the constraints of a standard ISO shipping slot space. Bitumen tanks are ideal for temporary storage depots and job sites.

The type of bitumen being transported, the distance being traveled, the required temperature range, and logistical considerations all play a role in the choice of bitumen tank container. To assure the bitumen product's quality and consistency during its voyage, it is crucial to use the right sort of container. To know more about bitumen tank containers, contact the best bitumen suppliers in the UAE.

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