Oxidized bitumen 85/35 (also known as blown asphalt 85/35 and blown bitumen 85/35) is semi solid grade of pure petroleum bitumen manufactured by air blowing them through an asphalt flux. Oxidized bitumen 85/35 is created from petroleum bitumen which is made by blowing grade 60/70 bitumen by hot air. The numbers 85/35 relate to the midpoint of the material’s softening point and penetration respectively. The softening point value is the degrees Centigrade measured by the Ring and Ball method as determined by ASTM D36. The penetration value is in 1/10 mm as determined by IP49 or ASTM D5.

Uses of oxidized bitumen 85/35

It is used in chemical, fuel, paint, lacquers, varnishes, paper, pulp, brick, roofing and construction industries as an adhesive, construction material additive, dust-binding, insulating, impregnating agent, and also to manufacture rubber and plastic products. These products are also used in asphalt-based paints for corrosion protection of metals, in lining public works structures, in electrical laminates, and as a base for synthetic turf.

Oxidized bitumen 85/35 is typically used for water-proofing and corrosion resistance in pipe coatings, Portland cement pavements, hydraulic applications, paint manufacturing, caulking, mastics, and damp proofing. Bitumen membrane sheets can be made from this grade of bitumen for insulation and isolation. Besides its use in the automotive industry, it has also been proven to be excellent for water and dust proofing, as well as noise proofing.

Technical Advantages of Blown Asphalt 85/35

  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Water Resistant
  • Chemical Stability

Compared to paving grade bitumen:

  • Reduced temperature susceptibility
  • Exhibits a more ‘solid’ nature at ambient temperatures
  • High penetration index


The validity of Oxidized Bitumen is usually 10 years with multi-time heating and cooling. Furthermore some of the major advantages of this type of bitumen are that it is completely water resistant, highly flexible and durable. In addition, it is chemically very stable. Oxidized Bitumen is very flexible compound that is not only chemically stable but also a very durable compound apart from being completely water resistant. Lastly, Oxidized Bitumen has some very prominent technical advantages that makes it a very sought after compound in various applications.


Kraft bag, melt able plastic bag, drum and bulk asphalt 85/35 from penetration grade bitumen, which is blown by hot air in a controlled process until the desired specification is reached.

Specifications of oxidized bitumen 85/35

Bitumen 85/35 Test method Unit Specification
Specific gravity @25/25°C ASTM D70 (kg/m³) 1.05 approx.
Penetration @25°C ASTM D5 mm/10 30/40
Softening point ASTM D36 °C 80/90
Ductility @25°C ASTM D113 cm 1.5 min
Loss on heating ASTM D6 Wt. % 0.2 max
Flashpoint ASTM D92 °C 250 min
Solubility in CS2 ASTM D4 Wt. % 99.5 max
Spot test AASHOT102 --- Negative
Specification of oxidized bitumen 85/35

Data sheet of oxidized bitumen 85/35

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