Oxidized Bitumen, also known as hard bitumen, blown bitumen, bitumen oxide, and hard asphalt. The penetration grades are used to pass air through. Bitumen becomes more rubbery due to this processing process. Bitumen 90/15 and other grades of oxidized bitumen are simply harder. Hard bitumen under controlled temperature conditions is widely used as an anti-slip layer compound in the piling industry, for manufacture of roofing felts, the roofing and waterproofing industries, for sound dampening felts and under carriage sealant in the automotive industry, electric cable joint protection, joint filling compound, sealant compound and many others. Seals saw cuts and joints where movements are expected to be minimal. Besides bituminous marine mastic, it is also used in pipeline joints for oil and gas pipelines.

Uses of Oxidized Asphalt 90/15

  • Oxidized bitumen is used as sealing of expansion joints.
  • Oxidized bitumen is used as repair of joints or cracks.
  • Oxidized bitumen is used as fixation of parquet floors.
  • Oxidized bitumen is used as adhesive to be used in thermal insulation.
  • Oxidized bitumen is used as repair of unexposed cracks.
  • Oxidized bitumen is used as bonding of wet briquettes
  • Oxidized bitumen is used in various industries like roofing, isolation, insulation flooring, mastic, pipe coatings, electrical applications.

Sampling of oxidized bitumen 90/15

It is particularly hazardous to sample hot bitumen 90-15 due to the risk of heat burns caused by spills and splashes. Wearing protective clothing is therefore essential. Well-lit areas should be provided, as should safe access and exit from the sampling point. Whenever samples need to be taken from the tanks of vehicles, gantries should be provided, as climbing on top of vehicles should be avoided.

Life cycle assessment of oxidized bitumen 90/15

By identifying and quantifying energy and material flows, a life cycle assessment (LCA) examines the environmental issues and potential impacts of a Bitumen 90/15 process or activity.LCA covers the entire life cycle, including extraction of the raw material, manufacturing, transport and distribution, product use, service and maintenance, and disposal (recycling, incineration or landfill). It is a complete cradle-to-grave analysis focusing on the environmental input (based on ecological effects) and resource use.

Technical Advantages of Oxidized Asphalt 90/15:

  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Water Resistant
  • Chemical Stability

Compared to paving grade bitumen:

  • Reduced temperature susceptibility
  • Exhibits a more ‘solid’ nature at ambient temperatures
  • High penetration index

Applications of oxidized bitumen 90/15

Oxidized asphalt 90/15 uses in the chemical, fuel, lacquers, varnishes, paint paper-pulp-board, textile processing, road construction, pavement, civil works, roofing, construction industries; sealing and insulating buildings, adhesive, crack seal and repairmen, construction materials additive, dust-binding, insulating and impregnating agent, make rubber and plastic products. The asphalt R 90/15 products are for paving. also used in asphalt-based paints for corrosion protection of metals, in lining public works structures, adhesives in electrical laminates, base for synthetic turf; typical uses for oxidized bitumen 90/15 used also for water-proof application and corrosion resistance for pipe coating, Portland cement pavement, hydraulic applications, paint manufacturing, caulking, mastics, and damp proofing. Blown bitumen R 90/15 is using insulation and isolation bitumen membrane sheet. Also, Car undercoating Automobile industry is specially required for Blown Asphalt. Vehicle undercoating material is based on Bitumen. Bitumen provides excellent waterproof, dust proof and noise proof for automobile undercoating.

Notice:The oxidized bitumen should be heated double temperature against the softening point to be able to have flow and viscosity.

Oxidized Bitumen 90/15 packing

Packing of blown bitumen 90/15 must be according its softening point so we are do packing with the best condition in Kraft paper, polybags and carton boxes with weight of 25 kg with pallet our without pallet.

Specifications of oxidized bitumen 90/15

Bitumen 90/15 Test method Unit Specification
Specific gravity @25/25°C ASTM D70 (kg/m³) 1.05 approx.
Penetration @25°C ASTM D5 mm/10 10/20
Softening point ASTM D36 °C 85/95
Ductility @25°C ASTM D113 cm 1.5 min
Loss on heating ASTM D6 Wt. % 0.2 max
Flashpoint ASTM D92 °C 260 min
Solubility in CS2 ASTM D4 Wt. % 99 max
Spot test AASHOT102 --- Negative
Specification of oxidized bitumen 90/15

Data sheet of oxidized bitumen 90/15

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