Oxidized bitumen 95/25 is a semi-solid grade of pure petroleum bitumen manufactured by air-blowing through asphalt flux. This grade has special physical properties that can be applied in a variety of construction applications. Oxidized bitumen95/25 is derived from petroleum bitumen, which is made from oxidized bitumen 60/70 by extremely hot air. The numbers relate to the midpoint of the material’s softening point and penetration respectively. Ring and Ball has been used as the measurement method to determine the ASTM D36 softening point. The penetration value is in 1/10 mm as determined by IP49 or ASTM- D5.

The term "oxidized bitumen" refers to black, petroleum-based bitumen that has been processed by oxidation. During controlled temperatures, air is passed through bitumen to produce oxidized bitumen. It may be highly viscous or solid in consistency. Blown bitumen is a highly durable, flexible, waterproof, and chemically stable product. There are different grades of blown bitumen.

Chemistry blowing process of bitumen 95/25

Bitumen blowing can be described as a conversion process in which oxidation, dehydrogenation, and polymerization take place. The oxygen contained in air is responsible for this type of reaction, and it is this type of reaction that is considered in this article. The oxygen balance can be determined by subjecting the materials entering and leaving the reaction vessel to a combination of analytical methods. Researchers determined that all the oxygen taken up by oxidized bitumen 95/25 originates from the formation of hydroxyl, carbonyl, acid, and ester groups; there was no ether oxygen observed.

Temperatures of bitumen 95/25

In order to move most bitumen grades through the distribution system as a liquid, they must be heated to temperatures ranging from 1408C to over 2008C; higher temperatures up to 2308C can be applied in an inert atmosphere for highly oxidized grades. Can be reheated or kept at elevated temperatures for a considerable period of time without adversely affecting its properties when handled properly. By overheating or allowing the material to be exposed to conditions that promote oxidation, mistreatment of oxidized bitumen 95/25 can adversely affect the bitumen's properties and affect the long-term performance of mixtures containing it.

Oxidized Bitumen 95/25 (Oxidized Asphalt) Packing:

  • Meltable Polyamide Bags (20 Kg) (25 Kg)
  • Carton Box (20 Kg) (25 Kg) (40 Kg)
  • Kraft Bags (20 Kg) (25 Kg) (40 Kg)
  • Blocks (20 Kg) (25 Kg) (40 Kg)
  • Drums (20 Kg) (25 Kg)

Uses of Oxidized Bitumen 95/25

Widely used as an anti-slip layer compound in the piling industry, for the manufacture of roofing felts, the roofing and waterproofing industries, for sound dampening felts and under carriage sealant in the automotive industry, electric cable joint protection, joint filling compound, carpet-backing, corrosion protection, acoustic panels, chemical, fuel, Manufacture of paints, sealant compound, and many others. Also used in sealing saw cuts and joints where expected movements are minimum. It is also used in the manufacturing of bituminous marine mastic for the oil & gas pipeline joints. Further, it is used in the manufacture of bituminous marine mastic, which is required for the oil and gas pipeline joints.

Oxidized Bitumen 95/25 Applications

There are many uses of oxidized bitumen, including the manufacture of roofing felts, roofing and waterproofing industries, sound dampening felts, undercarriage sealants in the automotive industry, chemical, fuel, paint, sealant compounds, and many others. Used also in joints with minimal movement, such as those caused by saw cuts. As well as developing bituminous marine mastic for pipeline joints, it is also used to manufacture bituminous marine mastic. The oil and gas pipeline joints are sealed with bituminous marine mastic made from oxidized bitumen.

Notice: The oxidized bitumen should be heated double temperature against the softening point to be able to have flow and viscosity.

  • Oxidized bitumen is used as a sealing of expansion joints.
  • Oxidized bitumen is used as a repair of joints or cracks.
  • Oxidized bitumen is used as a fixation of parquet floors.
  • Oxidized bitumen is used as an adhesive to be used in thermal insulation.
  • Oxidized bitumen is used as a repair of unexposed cracks.
  • Oxidized bitumen is used as bonding of wet briquettes
  • Oxidized bitumen is used in various industries like roofing, isolation, insulation flooring, mastics, pipe coatings, electrical applications.

Specifications of oxidized bitumen 95/25

Bitumen 95/25 Test method Unit Specification
Specific gravity @25/25°C ASTM D70 (kg/m³) 1.05 approx.
Penetration @25°C ASTM D5 mm/10 20/30
Softening point °C ASTM D36 °C 90/100
Loss on heating (wt) % ASTM D6 Wt. % 0.2 max
Flashpoint °C ASTM D92 °C 250 min
Solubility in CS2(wt) % ASTM D4 Wt. % 99.5 max
Spot test AASHOT102 --- Negative
Specification of oxidized bitumen 115/15

Data sheet of oxidized bitumen 95/25

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