Applications of bitumen in agriculture

Most of the world's paved roads are paved with asphalt and bitumen due to their outstanding durability and performance in agriculture. Thus, bitumen mixtures in agriculture have many advantages. From many years, farm roads, animal barns and bases for some storage areas have become increasingly recognized.

Why bitumen is used for agriculture farms ?

Providing asphalt services to farms mainly involves surfacing animal houses, floors on cow cubicle beds. As a result, materials have been increasingly used over the past twenty years. For this application, bitumen or asphalt has several advantages.

  • Reduced usage of bedding material.
  • Increased animal comfort as a result of good insulation.
  • Increasing floor durability.
  • Improved hygiene.
  • Good slip-resistance.
  • Ease of maintenance.

Several farm roads were built gradually, over time, from gravel and crushed stone, even from simply compacted earth. At the same time, this type of construction provided adequate performance for light farm vehicles and pedestrians. Often, it isn't strong enough to resist the high pressures of heavy delivery and collection of lorries.

As a result, there is a growing need for regular maintenance of damaged and affected areas, such as potholes and holes in the surface. By not maintaining potholes on the road surface, the delicate fruits or products produced on these roads can be damaged through interrupted transportation.

Asphalt bitumen paved roads have some benefits as shown by farm roads and agriculture problems. This surface finish is durable, smooth and low-cost to maintain. It is normal for conventional roads to be built in stages with a final surface course applied at the end.

When compared to a concrete road, asphalt construction does not require a recovery period, as most mix asphalt is ready for traffic as soon as it is laid. In order to prevent deterioration and damage, expansion joints don't require any maintenance.

The farm roads and agriculture problems highlights some benefits of asphalt bitumen paved road. It will provide a low cost maintenance, durable, flexible and smooth surface finish. However this type of conventional roads are built in different steps, with the final surface course being used.

A concrete road, asphalt construction does not needs a remedial period before use, as most asphalt mixes can be trafficked i.e. vehicles can pass through soon after laying. There are no expansion joints that need to be maintained in order to prevent deterioration and damage.

Uses of bitumen in agriculture

  • Damp proofing And Water Proofing Buildings, Structures
  • Disinfectants
  • Fence Post Coating
  • Mulches
  • Mulching Paper
  • Paved Barn Floors, Barnyards, Feed Platforms etc
  • Protecting Tank, Vats etc
  • Protecting For Concrete Structures
  • Tree Paints
  • Water And Moisture Barriers (Above And Below Ground)
  • Wind And Water Erosion Control
  • Weather Modification Areas

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