Properties of Bitumen and Bituminous Materials

The application of bitumen prevents erosion caused by wind and water. As a result, bitumen is used in reclaiming land, protecting river banks, and restoring coastal zones for agricultural development. Efficacious erosion control techniques are very important in preventing water pollution, soil erosion, loss of wildlife habitats, and loss of human property.

How to control erosion?

In erosion control, bitumen emulsions are simply diluted bitumen for efficient and quick penetration. As a result, they are widely used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Bitumen surface treatment aims to prevent disruptions of water or moisture from reaching the outer layer of roads or buildings. Bitumen helps to prevent slips and falls on the road. Conditions like weather, emulsion quality, and aggregate situations, however, can adversely affect efficiency.

Bitumen in erosion control Fig: Surface protection, protecting the structural stability of soils and retaining soil on slopes.

Drainage and liquid leakage can lead to erosion and Bitumen is able to control those factors. Buildings that are located near large water bodies are always susceptible to erosion due to high levels of moisture. Seashores, lake shores, and banks of rivers and canals are a few examples of places with high humidity.

Bitumen is used for waterproofing slants or slopes and preventing scouring. As a result, if it is used properly, it can provide excellent protection at a very low cost. The method is easy to use and protects soil structures as well as their surroundings from erosion on the inside and outside.

Why For Erosion Control

For erosion control, asphalt products are a cost-effective solution. As a result, the bitumen products can be sprayed as a protective layer for Erosion protection. In mulching systems, asphalt or bitumen emulsions can be used as tackifiers.As a result, these emulsions are also eco-friendly, and the additives such as water repellents, wetting agents, and anti-rust inhibitors can be added.

Designing of a product for the utilization in erosion control should focused on the following key factors:

  • They have to be ecologically secure with low or odorless
  • Non-hazardous and non-toxic
  • Should be non-flammable and non-corrosive

Emulsions containing bitumen are used to prevent scouring on banks, waterproof banks, and protect slopes. A relatively low cost can provide excellent protection if used properly. It is easy to install and provides excellent protection against internal and external soil, structure, and environment erosion.

Performance Guidelines

In order to gain proper erosion control for your project or application be sure to follow the guidelines below:

  • Evaluate the material to be protected
  • Determine wants and needs of the owner
  • Based on the assessment choose the appropriate system
  • Confirm engineering parameters utilizing a certified laboratory
  • Develop storage and handling procedures
  • Develop application, QC and QA procedures

Erosion control- River banks

On the river banks prefilled erosion control mats could be used. The mats may be filled with bitumen bound stone chippings, gravel or etc.

  • prefilled mats
  • Selecting wider witdhs may be better (5 m wide) (depends on the project)
  • vegetation can grow through permanent protection

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