The primer acts as a key and seals any porous surfaces that the bitumen products must stick to. For any surface that bitumen needs to stick to, bitumen primer is applied. It can be used on the majority of surfaces, such as metal, concrete, brickwork, and already-bituminous surfaces. A primer comes first and forms the basis for what should follow. In commercial roofing, a primer is applied first to help ensure that a roof coating or membrane is well bonded to the surface.

Bituminous primers and black bituminous paints are made from pure solvents and oxidized bitumen. Before applying heat-fused APP and SBS modified bitumen membranes, concrete and timber substrates should be surface-conditioned using bitumen primer. Black bituminous paints can be put on damp surfaces and are used to coat pipelines, anchor bituminous membranes, and safeguard concrete and metal structures. Appropriate for securing "hot" bituminous coatings (oil and gas pipelines, aqueducts, etc.) onto metal surfaces. They can also be used to prepare a viable binding primer for successive bituminous waterproofing coatings and bituminous membranes, as well as to seal the porosity of concrete substrates. The product doesn't have any superficial tackiness, cures quickly, and adheres well to the substrate.To know more about bitumen primers, contact top bitumen and asphalt supplier in UAE.

Bitumen Primer


Bitumen primers are of two types: Solvent based and Water based.

The solvent based primer acts as a sealer coat for masonry and concrete to improve the bonding of bituminous materials. While the water based primer helps to block dust and reduces concrete porosity. It is not flammable and is not dangerous to use.

Features includes:

  • Improves the bond of bituminous materials
  • Binder for dust particles
  • Surface dressing to masonry and metal surfaces
  • Water-resistant
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Penetrates and seals porous surfaces
  • Fast-drying
  • Cost-effective, no heating, thinning or mixing
  • Compatible with various substrates and structures

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