Bitumen Uses In Buildings And Industrial Paving

Bitumen is very widely used in industrial paving, commercial buildings, and roofing after construction. Hence, bitumen for paving roofs can be applied by using cold bitumen in hot mix plants with soft bitumen. Products that are applied cold are the most in demand. For the different requirements of Industrial Paving for waterproofing, bitumen has reliable quality and efficient coverage for all aspects.

Where To Use Industrial Bitumen

Paving bitumen is used to prevent the effects of heavy rain on buildings and protect against moisture.

The use of bitumen in industrial applications has several other advantages. So it is utilized in pavers, tiles, coverings, insulating fabrics, and for flooring. As a result, it is widely used for step treads, building papers, soundproofing, caulking compounds, cement waterproofing compounds, insulating fabrics, felts, joint filler, laminated roofing shingles, and liquid roof coatings.

Industrial paving

Why For Industrial Paving

In the construction of commercial roofing products, bitumen waterproofing is commonly used. As well as other domestic and industrial applications, such as emulsion paints and soundproofing. By using Polymer Modified Bitumen, penetration grade and Bitumen emulsions are commonly used for the building of railway tracks. Due to the dampening effect, vibrations and noise are reduced.

It may also contain other additives, such as coating improvers, stabilizers, anti-strips, or break control agents, depending on its features. It is a common fact that asphalt and water will not mix, it can be only mixed under carefully and controlled conditions using highly specialized tools or equipment's and chemical additives.


  • In building floors: damp-proofing and waterproofing; acid-alkali resistant flooring, conductive flooring, sparkless flooring.
  • In building/roofing: manufacture of roofing felts, adhesives, primers, damp-proof coating compositions, liquid roof coatings, plastic cements and hot carriage roofing compounds.
  • Hydro projects: canal lining, embankment, hydraulic structure, dam lining protection and sand stabilisation.
  • Roads: construction and maintenance.
  • Industrial use: lamination, manufacture of caulking compounds, joint fillers, rubber extenders, battery sealing compounds, cable filling compounds etc.

Gulf Bitumen

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